Synopsis of stories.

First Impressions
    Everyone’s wished they could start over again, a new job, a new town. Trouble is, the one thing you can’t leave behind is yourself.

The Landlord
    My little rental was the seed that would change the world. That is how stupid I was.

Band Geek
    A four-story expose of a high school music department run amok under the dictatorship of a drunken pederast. Explore the bizarre social
    hierarchy of band—rife with intrigue and power plays and valuable lessons like, sometimes, the ultimate revenge comes at the ultimate

Morbid Curiosity
    A lunch with my surrogate grandmother turned enemy, just before the conclusion of our incredible lawsuit.

The Skirt
    How dabbling in activism to protest gender inequalities led to a horrible wardrobe malfunction while waltzing with a robot.

The Pants
    Punks always lose the battle with comfortable clothes. This is a warning for the DIY movement.

The Tenants
    Fresh from a divorce, cleaning and saying farewell to a beloved home.

Dale Kendrick: Janitor/Rogue Assassin
    My friendship with an internationally renowned World of Warcraft champion. His rise to glory, and sudden demise.

Happy Thanksgiving!
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. In spite of this, Thanksgiving remains my favorite holiday.

Paris, France. Lynnwood, Washington.
    Sometimes, you have to pick a fight with the neighborhood rowdies to show a Frenchman a good time.

    Three stories about my beloved brother, Patrick Barber. That time we tried living together. Why the month of July is ruined forever. And how
    my sister Gwyneth, Patrick and I formed a most beautiful yet ultimately volatile bond in the backcountry of Yosemite National Park.