Luck Favors the Prepared review: Raymond Phillips

Luck Favors the Prepared gives you an opportunity to reflect on life with all of its twists and turns, humor and sadness, success and failures. This was one of those books I couldn't put down.  Was it because I knew the author and his family when he was in grade school and I was keen to know how his life evolved? Perhaps that is the case as he was a student of mine. Nathaniel's story reminds us that life is fragile, that the ones you love and trust the most can give you the biggest heartache and disappointment. It reads like a baseball game is played. You never know who your fans are, where the next curve ball will come from, when that home run will win the game, how many foul balls will be hit before there is a strike out—when to cheer and when to boo the umpire.   I got caught up in the game and couldn't get out until the last play. Winner.  "Anyway, it was so long ago." - Nathaniel Barber

Reviewed by Raymond Phillips