Luck Favors the Prepared review: Laura Kreger

High school Nate is the kid who sees the shit he’s dealt and feels a justice-seeking compulsion to hold it up to the light… which is most often attached to a ceiling fan. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes there’s actual shit.

Meet the storyteller’s villains: a band teacher, a robot, a woman he’s never met, a brother. His accomplices: a pair of pants, a fake lawyer, a 13-year-old French exchange student, the same brother. This is real life, so sometimes no one wins.

This autobiographical dark comedy felt full of humanity—heavy and ridiculous both. Often I didn’t know if the waiting would bring a punch line or a punch to the gut. It turns out, usually both. The stories are carried by humor, but most are built on the weight of an imperfect reality. After laughing at his jokes, I’m left wanting to hug this brave kid and tell him he’s not crazy… at least, not entirely.