Luck Favors the Prepared review: A’Quila Etien

This book is like a box of chocolates, but the box is spring-loaded, and the chocolates are a pharm party of uppers, downers, and something that makes you feel like you’re going to throw up. But way better than that sounds. It exists in the impossible center of a nightmare venn diagram: intimate, unpretentious, visceral, hilarious, grotesque, blunt, masterly, brutal, tragic, and hopeful. I have more adjectives, but let’s not go crazy. 

You know that friend of yours who seems to have had a disproportionate number of experiences? Some bizarre, some horrifying, some tragic, and some hilarious... Some of them a grotesque slurry of all those things. And you know how that friend of yours is also really good at telling stories? Well, he wrote a book. You should probably read it. That friend of yours who reads a lot said so.

Well-packaged. Would buy again.