Professional Endorsements


Along my professional journey, I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many great people. Here are some endorsements from my co-workers, collaborators and supervisors.

Tojo's LinkedIn.jpeg

Tojo Andrianarivo

Brand Designer at Fully

Worked with Tojo in the same group

Nate is a hard-working, creative writer and storyteller, overflowing with new ideas and tips to keep written content fresh and relevant while actively engaging audiences. I had the pleasure of working closely with him on a growing marketing team and I admired his ability to develop an effective social strategy with a very natural people-centered voice. He would often point out details that I’d overlooked and was always a step ahead in planning campaigns a few weeks/months in advance. I really enjoyed brainstorming sessions with Nate to come up with new ways of reaching a broader audience. I know without a doubt the value he will bring to any employer will be unmatched.

Lindsay LinkedIn.jpeg

Lindsay Yale

PR and Marketing Manager at Fully

Lindsay managed Nathaniel directly

Nate excels at keeping the content pipeline full of new, creative ideas. He is dedicated to researching new trends, trying new things, and responding to social communities with customer service at the heart of every interaction. I was always impressed with his commitment to creating truly meaningful interactions with Fully’s customers that unquestionably improved their relationship with our brand.

Kara LinkedIn.jpeg

Kara Schroeder

Gray Line of Portland

Worked with Kara in the same group

I had the pleasure of working with Nate at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). Not only did we work side-by-side as Guest Services Supervisors, I was part of the group who interviewed and hired Nate for the position. I knew instantly that he would be a great addition to our team.

Nate seems to develop a rapport with everyone he meets. His communication skills and interpersonal abilities are superior. Not only was Nate a fantastic supervisor, he had a way with customers that is often hard to find in the customer service industry. During major exhibits at OMSI, Nate kept his cool and managed crowds with ease. He also kept the staff motivated and relaxed with his down-to-earth approach and sense of humor. You could always count on Nate to lighten the mood when things got a little stressful.

He readily accepted new challenges in his supervisory role, and worked the nights shifts no one else wanted. If Nate saw a way to make the department run more smoothly and efficiently, he wasn't afraid to offer suggestions. Although we both eventually left OMSI and followed different career paths, we have stayed in touch.

Nate still makes me laugh, and I continue to value his wisdom and insights. Nate has a creative and sharp mind, and is an amazing writer. He would bring a spark of enthusiasm and new ideas to any organization. I can't recommend Nate highly enough!

Eric Ellis LinkedIn.jpeg

Eric Ellis

Senior brand designer at Fully

Worked with Eric in the same group

Nate is part quick-witted storyteller, part customer-focused marketer, and part whatever else you need him to be. He brings a diffusing version of candor to any task that allows for the good stuff to come out. Whenever Nate and I worked together to create social and brand content, he had no shortage of ideas or energy to do good work.

Ben LinkedIn.jpeg

Ben Oh

Vice President of Sales at Fully

Ben managed Nathaniel directly

Nate is a hardworking creative renaissance man. He leads with a good heart, relentless curiosity, and strong work ethic. Nate showed tremendous growth professionally alongside an evolving social media strategy that needed to keep pace with Fully’s rebranding efforts and its rapid growth. In a content-driven digital world, Nate always showed a genuine love for the craft of storytelling through a variety of mediums.

Analise LinkedIn.jpeg

Analise Sund

Designer & Illustrator

Worked with Analise in the same group

Nate is a hardworking, driven individual who brings a fresh perspective and great sense of humor to any task. He is organized and thoughtful in his work and manages his time well. He is well-versed, approachable, and helpful in event settings. This makes him not only reliable, but fun to work with.

One of the things I respected most about working with Nate was his perseverance to keep learning and growing. It was refreshing to have someone eager to dive into any task while keeping an open mind (especially since last minute edits and changes are common in the marketing world). His thoroughness in content management and his copywriting skills are top notch.

Nate would be a great addition to any team - he is an overall awesome person!

Tatiana LinkedIn.jpeg

Tatiana Skomski

PR Specialist at Fully

Worked with Tatiana in the same group

Working with Nate is a pleasure. He always comes to the table with enthusiasm and positivity. He is a creative thinker and always thinks outside of the box. He truly cares about the digital community he builds on social networks, and that can be seen through his hard work and dedication to those audiences.

Jenny LinkedIn.jpeg

Jenny MacKaben

Partner Marketing Supervisor at Fully

worked with Jenny in the same group

Nate is always a joy to work with. He brings well-rounded communication and marketing skills to the table as well as a healthy dose of light-hearted humor. Collaborating with Nate is a breeze as he is an organized, present and grounded colleague who effectively and efficiently executes on strategy.

Nick LinkedIn.jpeg

Nicholas Sande

Wheel Builder at Sugar Wheel Work

Managed Nathaniel directly at Cielo Cycles

When we hired Nathan into our department at Cielo Cycles, he made an immediate and positive impact to many aspects of our production environment. He cared deeply for working as a team, held great patience and maturity, and learned the role of being a bicycle frame builder very quickly.

In addition to his skill set was his stellar personality, he was both serious about what he did and completely hilarious at the same time. He always seemed to be able to crack a smile on our faces even when things were tense and busy. If things went wrong in the shop, he was eager to resolve the issue, help put preventative measures in place and move onto the next thing.

His work ethic is second to none. Nathan was always on time, ready to work and utilized his time well. He was certainly one of the finest employees I've ever worked with and know he'd make a great asset in any environment.